More genitalia references.

By: Java

You do have a problem there. I was just thinking. Wouldn't it be great if. Like Reggie bush. AJ got drafted to a good team? And they won the super bowl? And you could brag to all your friends how AJ led his team to the super bowl from his nickel back/punt returner position? Lol. Yahoo! Rah rah nickel backs. I mean. Adoree might need your help. You could help promote him to being the first $100 million nickel. Maybe come up with a new 12th award like the NBA has a 6th man award! Adoree will be the best player in the whole world who is not good enough to start. And it will all be to your credit man! Your life has purpose! Meaning! Rah rah! Keep it up. Rah rah. You can do it!
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