Did you even watch the game?

By: Old Hickory Trojan

Do you know anything about coverages...press, man to man , safety help, safety coverage etc etc etc....do you know what the defensive play calling was in the first through fourth quarters? Y.o donb't know when USC's Predator lost containement and Jackson had to help Did you watch the film afterwards and watch jack jack running around lost out there? You couldn't have if you want to keep up this approach....I gave you expampe about UW and two interceptions and a forced turnover that gave USC a td all due to AJ but except for one play Adoree shutdown Ross, he shut down Ridely at bama, he got beat on a sluggo pattern  against ND where he bit on an inside route that turned deep which is part of the reason many think he's overagressive. He lost a shoe, he slipped down on two other scores...those things happen...shet man the dude made 43 solo tackles, 11 pass pass breakups, 5 interceptions a couple turnovers, 55 tackles and had a 50% completion rate against him in college football where in the PAC at 50% passer doesn't existou don't even mention USc's shetty safety play or their LBers getting lost in coverage  and... you don't think he was a good college corner...perhaps it's more like you just don't think...


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