Geezuz Bud did you know

By: Old Hickory Trojan

anything about the coverage they were in or if someone else was supposed to cover or help in certain zones or even man to man. in fact why didn't the coaches rotate their corners like most teams do when they see a big receiver on a smaller corner when they have a bigger corner on the opposite side or vice versa when a big corner is going up against a smaller wide you know what the assignments guess is you don't so all your examples are silly....heck folks blamed Marshall in the Stanford game a couple years ago for letting a wide out go long and Helton squared that away by saying it was the safety's responsibility to pick the guy up long and oha the long td in the bama game was blown safety coverage unless you have earphones to the coaches or sit in on the game planning ,...all your points are pure guess work...but AJ's numbers on the field are not...just give it a rest your starting to sound like a baby that can't convince anyone of your point which appears to be no more then you don't like Adoree Jackson for whatever reason

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