To be honest...

By: Waldorf

...I don't think the Traveler statue is 100% bad. And the Tommy Trojan statue is quite nice. Hey, I'm a Bruin, you better believe I wouldn't say that unless I meant it. 

I thought the same thing about the goal post -- I actually did think it as a merry-go-round thing for a couple of minutes until I noticed it was the goal post. I though, "WTF are they turning that into a merry-go-round??!!"

I think UCLA kinda fucked up the bear, but I saw it recently and it's not as bad as I remember. But there is some art in Morgan Center that is absolutely putrid. It looks like UCLA commissioned the winner of a first-grade finger-painting contest. 

As for Traveler, they got the musculature right, but they should have put him in a different pose to accentuate movement. They did fuck up the eyes and the mouth; looks like a cartoon hourse on acid. And the mane makes it kinda look like a unicorn, but it's hard to sculpt a mane that doesn't look dumb.

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