Mike Mayock's latest draft rankings.

By: Dr. Spock

Mayock has been covering the NFL Draft for a long time.  He ranks the top 5 players at each position.  He put out 2 earlier versions and let's just say Mayock is not imnpressed with any of USC's 2017 draft prospects.  The only one he had listed was Adoree, and that was only a specialist/returner. 

He came out with his latest set of rankings today (the 3rd version) and 2 USC guys are slowly moving into the top 5 at their positions.  He has JuJu tied as the 5th best receiver and he has Adoree tied as the 5th best corner. No other USC players are on his list.

Right now, my best guess is Adoree goes from 30-35 overall.  He has a shot at sneaking into the late 1st round.  JuJu probably goes between 55-60 overall.

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