TTP - Usc admissions

By: HollywoodBruin Jr

Anyone have more information on the Trojan Transfer Program?  So my friend's son was rejected by USC. At the bottom of his rejection letter is an offer to apply to the TTP.  TTP is not offered to all rejected applicants - think legacy or children of rich donors.  He has to maintain a 3.6 gpa from any school (JC, UC schools, anywhere) and reapply after his first year.  It's almost a guarantee if he hits this GPA average.  My question is when he applied, he picked the film school as his major.  If he's offered an acceptance through the TTP, does he get into the film school or just the general education/undeclared major?  They are meeting a USC counselor to go over the TTP but I'm curious if any of you had experience with this admission offer? 

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