Better to go the TTP Route

By: Conquest2000

into USC Film School rather than as a freshman.  First off USC Flim and Music Schools are the best in the World and are hyper competitive, they are the two closest Schools USC has that can compare to Ivy's as far as competitivness for incoming freshman goes.  I would even suggest reapplying in two years not one.  After two years kids switch majors, so spots for his graduation year will open up.  

I would suggest go the Major/Minor avenue, if it is allowed by the Film School.  Major in Comm or English and get a minor in CNTV (if that is still offered)   Go Communications Major and Screen Writing Minor.   

If this kid wants to get into Movie and TV post production then you have to go through the film school, thats what USC is known for.   If the kid just wants to get into the entertainment industry and be a PA on set all day and work his way up, or looking for an in to pitch a script or concept, then i suggest Communication, Egnlish, Creative Writing etc.  My best recommendation would be to intern at a Studio the second you get into any school.  NBC has the Page Program and Associates (for older students)  DGA has a program as well.

My wife is a VP of Licensing and Brand Management for Universal Pictures, she is an emmy and oscar voter, she is in the entertainment industry and she has a Psychology Degree.  Both my parents worked in the entertainment industry, my mom on the Movie Business side, my Dad on the Movie production side for a while and neither had college degrees.  

Entertainment isn't what it used to be, pay isn't as great as it was, less perks all around, the best part of the entertainment industry is the health insurance. 


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