Ha! No kidding. Some diverse thoughts:

By: Rockazar

I wasn't so happy about the diversity recommendation when I heard it, either. A great prof in the screenwriting department gave me the hint. This was before I was really aware that diversity in the academy is about race, class and gender more than about world-view, experience and talents. In fact, every crit studies class had some sort of requirement or passage in the syllabus regarding race, class and gender. It's the marxist mantra in the liberal arts now all over the land. It's a chant like "lions and tigers and bears...Oh my!" It's why UCLA had one of the great English lit departments, so I heard, until they decided that students didn't need Shakespeare or Chaucer any more and instead they could read about modern racial greivance identity politics. Yay. Inspirational. Why study greatness and genius that developed the language when we can read about how people have been done to by the white patriarchy. It wasn't until the last couple years that I was even aware that the term Critical Studies was a development of the leftists of the Frankfort school and their apostles. 

SCA (School of Cinematic Arts, formerly Cinema-TV) had a special pamphlet recruiting women to the industry. It lead me to believe they would accept them over males.  I forget if color was part of it. But I guess that's the way it is in all areas except for the STEM programs. 

In defense of the school, I have to say I never personally thought or felt indoctrinated. Maybe I was lucky or the profs were mostly solid pros. 

And finally, I pass on the diversity thing just to help out a kid with some lowdown that might have helped me. I'm not happy about it but trying to help him see how the game is played. 


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