What a horrible story.

By: Rockazar

Poor kid. He was too sensitive for his own good. And guilty or not, it's yet another example of gutless faculty incapable of doing the right thing, like in the Duke Lacrosse case.

Alma Mater isn't doing so good itself recently with the raising of security fees for Dave Rubin. http://www.breitbart.com/tech/2017/03/02/usc-shuts-scheduled-event-free-speech-advocate-dave-rubin/

That was a coward's way of avoiding a big stink with the campus and outside pinkos. How is it we don't have a powerful alumni presence, given Orange County alone, that would step in and flip for the $600 and raise some hell with the admin and BOT about this crap?

By the way, I too am currently in Texas with a business south of San Antonio raising funds for my filmmaking habit.

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