And do I like it?

By: Rockazar

I need to see a bit more before I decide as this town isn't my speed.  I work too much and haven't had time to feel out the places I like. Hell, I haven't even made it to SXSW to check out the film community and I'm 2 hours away. I like the government and the lower amount of intrusion a whole lot more than what's going on in CA, that's for damn sure. I'm feeling I could easily be tri-coastal if my plans work out well (I have some roots in Tampa, also.) I do like the spirit of a lot of the folks and some of their state pride. I do miss having some smarter people around me in this depressed little village, but I have met some cool and smart people in San Antonio and I find the women there pretty friendly and easy on the eyes.

Regarding the government, in my first post-school gig in Burbank I told my bosses that the state was screwing up big time with the way they are treating business and that they are going to flee just like Nissan and CA was going to be left with a bunch of illegals and government dependents. They thought I had crazy no idea what I was talking about but I'd like to hear what they say now. I'm glad Texas is able to scoop some a whole bunch of them up. And I hope and pray that CA gets some sense knocked into it and soon.

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