Guyness is the biggest bust

By: Conquest2000

of all time.  TRUST ME I was there working for the USC football team watching him.  In shorts and t shirts Guyness was Jerry Rice.  As soon as the helmet and shoulder pads were put on he sucked ass so bad it was criminal.  

Guyness was one of QB Guru Steve Clarkson's WR when he worked out his qb's.  One day before fall camp Guyness is workingn out with Mike Van Raasphorst, the hart high qb, a qb that played at UCLA and two other D1 Qb's.  Everything thrown at Guyness he caught.   The hart high qb launched one and guyness put it another a gear and tracked it down.  Guyness ran percise routes, was quicker than everyone else he was just better.  I remember talking to Van Raap afterwards he couldn't wait to get on campus and start throwing to Guyness.  About a year and a half later on the sideline at practice Van Raap tossed a water bowl at Guyness and he caught it.  Mike deadpan said to him, "So you can catch...""

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