UCLA still allows

By: Conquest2000

Wooden Fund seats to be passed down to children.  Friend of mine his dad played baseball at UCLA in the 1970's, died in 2002 and he and his sister are still sitting in the shade of the press box on the 40 at the Rose Bowl. 

Other schools, especially SEC schools went the USC route, years ago and don't allow the seats to be passed down.  UGA fans raised a big stink about it.  It all has to do with the waiting list.  If there is a big waiting list when a person dies that's money the university must go after because the next person up is willing to pay.  

What Indianaman says is correct, or you could do what most UGA boosters do, I would say 40% of UGA booster club seats are purchased for a friend.  So Big Boooster, a UGA alum pays the blood money each year, he accumulates the points (UGA has a point system) and gets his pick of 4 to 8 seats, which he buys all of them, and then he turns around and sells them at face value plus some to recoup the blood money, to his hunting buddy who didn't go to UGA.  I know of at least a dozen such arrangements at UGA in the city of Gainesville, GA alone.  My father in law does it for Clemson tix, he pays IPTAY (Clemson's version of Cardinal and Gold) then sells 6 seats to two guys who pay for the seats at $135 to $185 a pop, plus some to cover the IPTAY yearly fee.  All so my father in law can purcahse premium bowl tix if he wants. 

Country Clubs are doing the same thing.  When my grandfather died in 1973, my parents bought his Lakeside Membership for pennies on the dollar, then in 2003 when I got my membership to Lakeside, my dad was offered/coerced into selling his membership back to the club for just under six figures.  They turned around and sold it to the first person on the waiting list for $175K+.  Pretty good investment if you think about it, my dad probably paid no more than $7500 for it in 1973, and sold it for $98K.  

He went out and bought himself a Perazzi MX8 and brand new car, and he still plays at Lakeside on my membership.  

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