So sideline reports for NCAA football

By: San Clemente

dress like sluts and diddle themselves up like whores and then like fox news blondies, who like the sideline reporters  ONLY got hired in the first place because they are attractive doable blondes.


While trying to look like a fuck doll as much as is humany possible with excess make up , high skirts, fuck me pumps  etc etc etc,  no guy is ever supposed to say a word about their appearence?   Cause we aren't taking them seriously. So they aren't happy.   Really?  OK. 


You know what I love.  I love it when they hit the big 35 and start to look like a peace of  saggy old fruit and are replaced with the 24 year old that looks like a berry about ready to burst, who we are all going to pretend to take seriously but still can't say anything.


It's kind of like pretending that college football and basketball players are real college students.  Sure you can dress them up like a student and give them a backpack , but we all know why they are there.  


Hypocrite much?  Long live Bill O'reiley.


ps. ya , she's qualified alright.

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