Well. It's from the 70s and if you

By: Java

Remember Marcus welby he used to advertise for them. And see I'm java and sanka is decaf coffee. I'm reaching here. It's bad coffee and I'm bad java? I swear every time I come to the board I swear it says SANTA and no joke for a moment I get a little jolt of excitement. Then I realize it says sanka and I'm like oh yeah. That. Mostly I think it's because I do aptly described the money Bosco at the Fresno zoo flinging poop and how the analogy to August was so perfect. It stuck and was pretty funny. Then we realized he and decorated are two people who "identify" as usc fans just as td transgender crowd identifies as a man. A woman. A duck. Or in this case a Trojan. And we all know they aren't You can put a dress on a pig but it's still a pig right? Put a dress on a guy with a wiener and he's still a man. So tranny worked. Upset and angry they need something. Sc looked pretty bad as he flung his poo about me living in a hole. Being poor. Meth neighbors. And picture after picture make him look stooooopider than he already is known to be. His last salvo was something about SHOCK a lake in California being man made. Yeah. Stunning revelation there huh? And yeah it's great looking but it's still the desert. Fab retort from the metal detector crowd. So sanka? I feel it's my duty as a coffee guy to educate people on coffee. And sanka is part of our history. Most aren't old enough to remember or drink it but some here are so I'm happy to let them putter around in their little orthopedic white tennies and mutter about jimmy carter. The Arab oil embargo. Archie bunker and sanka coffee :-)
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