not my best , but it's cheapsh!t coffee

By: San Clemente

that is still in the stores.  When a nick comes to my head I go with it.  I like fake lake better.  Cement pond is just too long, and some people wouldn't get the reference.  Tater Tot is my current favorite nick.  It's just for my personal entertaiment.  If it makes me laugh , I go with it. 


Wierd that you had no idea Sanka was still on the market, and you are supposed to be a coffee guy. 


What makes no sense to people is that you live where you live, but you seem to like it, so good for you.  Saves you money and your money gets to work for you. I am sure your place is huge and plush and the ac goes 24 7.  Can you even get a descent steak without driving for an hour? Jealous you can be on the slopes in an hour, but that's about it.  Look I get it. Some laguna and newport people scoff and San Clemente, but I have one of the best point breaks in the world a couple hundred yards from my front door.  


And no one has heard of bosco from the fresno zoo.  So you moved from fresneck to south central to hesperia.  Gee, and you wonder why people scratch their heads.  


What's sad is that if any of your kids still want to follow USC football after the tens of thousands of dollars you spent on tickets over the years, you will think of them as , oh how did you put it,  oh ya, TRANNYS. LMAO.  sc

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