Bahahahaha. This is a riot

By: Java

I am quite certain that yes. In your world. In your whitebread metal detector carrying beach walking world. In your Nixon is still president and what are the negroes protesting about today world there is a sanka. I'm quite confident it's somewhere out there. Did you know the original koolaid is for sale on amazon too? But guess what? Can't find it in the stores either. Not beyond 1-2 flavors. So yes. I'm sure you're sad over sanka being gone. koolaid too I'm guessing a sommelier knows little about where two buck chuck is sold. I'm guessing you don't drink coffee doc because there are a few things you need to know. One. Over the last 15 years folks have trended toward darker roast heavier weight more expensive coffee. Two People who sell or enjoy coffee don't consider decaf to be coffee. And finally see previous comment but sub the word instant. So you're stunned to believe I'm oblivious to a 1970s lightweight decaf instant coffee? I proudly wear that badge of ignorance doc. Now run along. I understand Marcus Welby is on in 15 and you wouldn't want to miss that. Comes on right after barnaby jones. If you're good they'll give you an extra helping tonight. I hear its tapioca. Eat it slowly and you'll be able to stay up a half hour past your bedtime.
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