LOL, so basically you'd disown your kid


if he went to ASU and rooted for sc.  Even though you both came away impressed by the school on your visit (your words not mine).  Now I understand why he's looking to get as far away from you as he can.  I can only imagine the constant pressure their whole lives to be steered towards usc.  I bet they had to fake their love for sc just to shut you the fawk up. 

Poor kids, I really feel for them and think it's hilarious that none of them wnt to follow in their Dad's footsteps.  That speaks VOLUMES as to what kind of parent you must be.  Not only do they have 5 moms, but they also have to watch their Pop fail at every relationship he's ever had and lose half his shit doing so.  Lucky for them though that you're a trust fund baby.  So all your failures don't affect them, as you can always go to Daddy Warbucks to bail you out.



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