Actually, it's yet to be seen.

By: San Clemente

just like if Adoree will start or not at corner in the NFL.  


If any of his offspring still follow and cheer for USC football  after going somwhere else, then well, the description fits.  His description.  Boxed himself in.  See my post below. He seems convinced none of them will still be USC football fans.


I've sat in his seats before.  Some may think they are too low, but I liked them. Took the family. Lots of family people around.   Watched Bush put on a show against UCLA . Cement pond did that one time Cardinal and gold thing for something like 15k when USC was desperate for money,  instead of the usual 2 grand a year they were going for at the time.  Smart move.  But now they are going to move him and probably charge a seat license.  So he might as well give them up since it doesn't seem like he has anyone to go with.  If he does go , his kids will be , per him, tranny's.


this was the game.  Still blows me away looking at this photo. In person, just above field level, it was  amazing.  sc  

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