Yeah, I wonder why

By: Java

I did not go to that game.  Some kid probably had a game of their own.


My two oldest kids went to schools without football teams.  But guess what?  True to form, they don't post on CFB message boards.  In his two years at irvine, I ask my son every weekend if he wants to come.  Well, every weekend I go and know I have a seat.  So that's probably about 4 times each year.  I think he's come twice.  Never used to really watch stuff on TV either.  


My youngest isn't going to USC.  Already has told me he's headed to Ivy League.  Maybe NorCal to be near Silicon Valley opportunities.    Like Santa Clara perhaps.  


My third was the big fan.  I am sure he'll still have USC on a ticker.  But he's already declined when I've asked him the past few months if he wants a USC shirt or hat if I have extra.    He understands team.  Understands commitment.  He's played team sports all his life and we get making fun of bandwagoners.  


So yep, if one of my kids goes to a rival PAC school and suddenly winds up the biggest USC honk on the internet message boards and pertends to be a Trojan, I'll be the first one to set him straight.  But we hae a little too much integroty for that.   My daughter looks at sports as an annoying distraction.  My oldest son likes playing but not watching.  Great athlete, too bad.  So those two aren't candidates.  The youngest is really similar.  


So try as people might, probably going to ahve to find something other than my kids to go after me here.  And that's probably better anyway.  




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