Soccer and fishing are worthless

By: Java

I've always seen golf as an old man's sport.  Little old guys in Bermiuda shorts with white shoes and socks.  But with no teenage boys to go knock elbows with on a basketball court or buzz fastballs under each other's chins on a ball field, who knows.  Most kids don't have dads who do what I've done and I don't think mine realize that.  Meaning, at my age.  I'm older than some now that my youngest are graduating.  Was shoot, 29 when my daughter was born.  Something like that.  So maybe it's time I start acting my age.  We will see.  Business is growing and we have a good sales rep.  I may really get back into that like I always said I would.  Passive investments require a lot of reading but once you click that mouse you just watch and wait.  Too bad I didn't know what I do know at age 5.  I could probably make some 2 year old rich beyond his wildest dreams by the time he hit my age-lol 

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