Let me be clear

By: Java

I like Purdue.  I always want them to beat Notre dame.  Even though it never happens.  I often check the ticker in basketball or football for them.  No, I don't have any idea if they have other sports.    Except baseball because my kid plays and we visited.  BUT  I like Purdue.  I don't have any Purdue hats.  I don't go to Purdue games.  if I visited my Grandma and she wanted to go, I would take her.  My heartrate does not change when they win or lose.  I'm happy for family.   When I was in college, I was excited for Fresno State sports.  I grew up there.  I went to USC but always wanted Fresno to do well.  I don't think I had any Fresno gear.  But rooted for them.  Didn't go to any Fresno games.  Maybe when home on vacation.  Not sure.  After I graduated?  I didn't follow them at all.  After the Freedom Bowl, I pretty much hated them for several years-lol

I am guessing my kid will be the same way.  No, he won't be identifying as a Trojan.  Won't be wearing gear.  Won't be gong to games and I am sure will be all in for TCU.  And I'll be happy for him.  But guess what?  THAT is why it's sad to see him choose another school.  TADA  Loyalty in our family means something.  Means you're all in.  Means you don't buy a Panthers shirt when that idiot Newton starts some dance step.  Then toss it when Von Miller plaqns him in the turf repeatedly in the Super Bowl.  Loyalty means you take the good with the bad and you actually have skin in the game.  


So take that for what you will.  We are old school.  Trannies are a new thing and that's probably one reason we find them so easy to make fun of :-) 


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