It's nice to be king

By: Java

When you own the board you get used to being a target. When people get their panties in a bunch and can't beat a verbal ninja they either get stupid or go after my family. In decleaters case both. Couple weeks ago I chuckled and drew the analogy between August and a famous Fresno feces flinging chimp. Bosco. It was hilarious. I knew I'd won because Bosco began calling me a chimp and accused me of flinging pooh In other words an adult version of "I know you are but. what am I?" Now we have my latest. Am incredibly insightful take on he subway alumni of USC. The bandwagon crowd. Decleater. August. Nes4usc. Fake Trojans all. And true to the times. Current as usual. I pull news and entertainment together in a way that cuts. Entertains. And speaks at least a modicum of truth. Sure enough the newly dubbed tranny crowd goes wild. Fills the board with their defenses and counter attacks. Thinking that the sheer volume of their posts will somehow change minds and hearts. Now decleater goes with his version. I know I'm not a tranny but what are you? Or "your kid is so ugly that". Lol. Dude. I don't even worry. My kids are amazing. Daughter Sons. High performance high character kids. Average unweighted gpa of like 3.9 between the 4. Yep. Unweighted. You do know what that means, right juicehead? Means they're smart. But we aren't done. One started a business while in hs. Another graduated a year early. Two of the three got major scholarship money. Oh and here's a fun one. 15 varsity letters among the 3 boys. In 4 sports. Yep. 4. And 15. 8 all league selections and 11 cif playoff selections. So with those kind of kids you really think I care what you have to offer? A guy who hates his own school so much he identifies as a Trojan? Nah. Enjoynyoure evening and say what you want. Interestingly though ifnwe you bagging on other people's kids I'd probably toss ya but mine are strong enough it's just sadly funny when you do.
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