You shredded nothing, Sanka


and clearly I struck a nerve.  Used your own stupid logic against you and you can't handle it.  You defined the whole tranny thing on this board not realizing how stupid you look when your own kids fall under the very definition you created.  Believe me, i'm not attacking your kids, I'M ON THEIR SIDE!  I feel bad for them and I say that with all sincerity.  I wonder how they'd feel if they knew their Dad said he would disown them just because they still root for sc despite attending another school?

And spare me with the "I can make this a lot worse for you" nonsense.  You can't do shit to me other than ban me from your board and I could care less.  You're not a tough guy either so don't try to act like one in front of your rah rah buddies.  Just take your beating like a man and move on



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