Trojan Trannies

By: Java

I could take it down. But it's much easier to leave it up and let people see what kind of person he is. Seeing these guys we now have a picture. Apparently neb is a conspiracy theorist who believes in Bigfoot Aw is Bosco. The furious fabulous feces flinging chimp. Gets angry and releases his Tourette's syndrome. No self control. No chance at a reasonable debate. Then you have D.C. Who has told us he's banged all the hot chicks in the west. And every girl whose pic is online here is a horseface. A heifer etc. Was quite the stud athlete and lifter in his time. Just think uncle Rico in napolean dynamite. Knows all about juice and hgh steroids and supplements. Actually went to Asu and roots for and identifies as a USC Trojan. Thus the Trojan transformation or the identifying as. All 3 of them forever linked. Forever lashing. Forever known as the Trojan Trannies. I may create a Trojan Tranny hall of fame. I duct guys into it as they come along. But those three would be like the first class. Like Lou Gehrig babe Ruth and ty cobb. Initial class first ballot hall of famers
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