Point of clarification you're honor

By: Java

I absolutely allowed for people who teach. Go to grad school. Work at. Live in the college town where say a Fresno state is for that. I get that. Going to Asu and simply adopting the USC football team over your own school indeed makes one a tranny And you are correct. I certainly didn't call my son one. Nor. myself And when someone on the board says "he basically said". Or "in other words". They're lying. Because if they were not, I would not have basically said. I would have said. And "other words" would not be needed as other words aren't my words. My words were just fine and pretty clear Uncle Rico could throw a ball a quarter mile back in his day you know. Has slept with every hot model on the west coast. If he'd had another shot his senior year they could have won state lol
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