This board has officially slipped into the

By: the909trojan

twilight zone. I get it, off season and all that jazz. And I'm sort of a newbie so who cares what I think? That said, these are some strange days on the green board for sure. Attacking the board owner's children was maybe a new low. But otoh prior to that the board owner fell into the gutter and started with some tranny fetish and questionable nick names. Always thought you were above the fray Java. Maybe it has to do with driving traffic, or maybe there's some secret behind the scenes stuff going on with you and SC or Auggie that we don't know about. Intent maybe to rattle a few cages and shake the board up. Who knows? But it is rather strange. Didn't think you of all people Java needed to justify your social status on this board. And I don't say that as a criticism, just more surprised by the turn the board took a few days ago. Odd is perhaps the best way I can describe it. Just plain old odd. Or should I say "queer?" 

Sorry to ramble, and I'm honestly not trying to bust your balls Java. Just trying to make sense of something that probably makes no sense anway. Where is OHT to bring the board back to sanity?

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