it's the usual offseason banter.

By: San Clemente

only thing exciting going on is game 7's of the stanley cup playoffs. But flips can't handle the cold, so that's taboo.

Other than that there was a horse race last saturday and the winning horse still has no idea he won anything. 


Most of the boad is and has been USC fans since I suggested to Sanka that he start it.  THere are the usual 2 camps.  Rah rahs and the realists.  The rah rah's think Huggs Helton is all that.  The realists think it was Sam Darnold that pulled fat boy's fat ass out of the fire.   Time will tell who is right.  Hint, the rah rah's have NEVER been right.  


But for now, there really isn't anything going on in college football. sc 

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