Flawed logic


So when Lakers fans say "we won the title" or Dodgers fans say "I can't believe the season we're having", they can only say so if they work for the team in the front office or play for said team?  A fan of any team says "we" for a reason...because they have a vested interest in support of that team by their attendance, purchase of fan gear, watching the games on TV every season, etc.  This puts money in the pockets of the organization and usc is no different. 

If I choose to criticize the team for poor performance or the direction of the program, i am well within my right to voice my opinion and do so.  It's not my fault you clearly can't handle it.

BTW, I've never abandoned ASU.  I was an sc football fan long before I ever went to ASU.  But my love for sc begins and ends with sc football.  Anything else usc really doesn't matter as it's just another average and overpriced private school.


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