That's why it's pro sports

By: Java

Go buy a jersey and root for whoever you want.  Though usually people with no connection to a team or torn usually get that look, yes.  However, there are a million reasons for following a pro team.  USC is not a pro team.  They are a collegiate team.  Colleges form affiliations based on student, staff, community and alumni.  Of which you are none.  Folks who just want to buy a shirt and follow a college like it's some sort of pro team are "choossing to identify" in a manner reflecting their alternate lifestyle.  They are not happy with the identify they have, the one their life has chosen, and therefore they reassign their identify to whatever school they choose.  In your case, USC.  This is where the Trans label comes from and the reason it's taken over the board is the laser like precision with which the identifier hits the target.  Thus fans like you, Ned4USC and Bosco wind up being Trannies.  If it helps, yesterday we would ahve called you bandwaggoners.  ND would call you subway alumni.  Some might use the term carpetbaggers or wannabes.  But I am current.  I am 2017 man, I am up with all the lingo of the times.  And thus the fans we are referring to are, indeed, Trannies.  Good news though.  Just like Trannies can vote and be part of our daily lives and experience in socierty?  So can Tranny Trojans.  You have every right to buy a ticket and root for whoever you want.  

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