to take it a step further.

By: San Clemente

Some of the guys on the football team don't think of regular students as "trojans", either.  


When I asked one of the players  how he thought WE were going to do on saturday, he responded, "what number do you wear", because I wasn't on the team.  Which pissed me off.  I told him that if it wasn't for fans like me, he wouldn't even be here.  It's a symbiotic  (look it up) relationship.  I told him he provides entertainment , and in exchange he gets to pretend he belongs in any college anywhere. 


I just think college football should be for college people.  Pro sports are for the great unwashed.   If I had gone to ucla , as planned, I would still be a USC football fan, just like you.  Got hooked at the 1973 Rose Bowl.   sc 

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