Pulling off the coup of the CFB recruiting season

By: LA Duck

Oregon, that is.

Not MY headline.  See link below.

Great article on Oregon recruiting and Taggart...a solid read while we wait to see if he can actually win football games in Eugene.  ;-)

Some good stuff in there, like:

- "It doesn't take long these days for any program, even the Alabamas," one Pac-12 coach says.  "In the end, it's about players.  You can have all the fancy uniforms you want.  [Oregon] fell so fast because they weren't getting players that make a difference on Saturday."

- There's no better barometer of how a college program recruits and develops players than the annual NFL draft.  Last month, USF had 3 players selected in the draft, and WKU had 2, including guard Forrest Lamp, a Taggart recruit who went 38th overall. [Taggart's two previous successful rebuilding projects were USF and WKU.]

- Oregon didn't have a single player selected.  That's why Taggart built his staff at Oregon around some of the game's top recruiters, including co-OCs Mario Cristobal (Alabama) and Marcus Arroyo (Oklahoma St), DC Jim Leavitt (Colorado) and DB coach Keith Hayward (Louisville and USC).





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