Got my USC package

By: Java

On seating. Wow what a load of horse poop. Basically they're adding up the $$$ you've given USC over the years to put you in a que. as to my lifetime cardinal and gold they don't address which group I fall into. Cng reg or premier. They do say that everyone must belong to an annual giving plan. So that means yes thank you very much for your past buyout and lump sum lifetime payment. But screw youbyoday is a new day and now lifetime doesn't really mean lifetime. If you are regular cng or women of Troy you will pay $500 per seat one time stick it up your butt fee. Wife thinks that's a load of malarkey. Says I paid a large sum once and blah blah shouldn't get stuck again. Went back on their deal. I was a little more ho hum. Annual cng looks like 2-3k. Not sure what premier cng is. Is there any benefit to these organizations beyond football seating? Just curious. I know we get invited to various lunches before the games where for $75 a person we can eat a turkey sandwich. We've always declined and paid $5 at subway. Other than that. Can't tell
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