happened to lots of people.

By: San Clemente

USC hires these animals as some kind of cummunity outreach.  All you need is a 50 dollar bill to park just about anywhere.  But if you pay to join C and G, and you pay for parking,  YOU SHOULD GET PARKING.  I like to watch the early games.  Never been a drinker.  Have no interest in the 75 dollar picnic. Although I though the food was always descent.  I go there to watch a football game.  Going to the ducks game on sunday. Game is at 430.  I will get there at 4 pm , park, walk 50 yards to express enterence, and be in my seat with a beer and a bag of peanuts 10 minutes early.  Angels stadium is even more friendly. At hockey games they look under your hat for a bomb.  But not at baseball games.  Explain that?  WHen the game is over, there is express exit (prepaid of course) and I'm on the freeway after the last out tonight in under 5 minutes, as the fireworks show starts.   


Screw the community outreach.  Build a wall. sc  

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