Some thoughts on the Stadium Reno

By: NYTrojan

The modern stadium is a money making machine.  Ever go to one of those boutique grocery stores and they have a device that squeezes orange juice fresh in front of you?  It's a machine that grabs oranges from a hopper, splits them in half, squeezes the pulp out of them and fills a container with fresh juice.  That's what a modern stadium is.  You're the orange.  We have to accept that as part of doing business.

To that end, the Coliseum needed a renovation and part of that renovation needed to be focused on luxury suites.  I get it.  I hate the suites too.  It's not really attending a game.  It's a way to pay a lot of money to stroke your ego and that of your customers.  The over the top luxury is the experience more than the game.  We may hate that but it's not for us.  Even those of us who could afford it.  

We were going to lose seats to luxury suites.  It's the cost of doing business.  Arguing "Just stay home" misses the point.  This is a way for USC to harvest oil from the whales.  


When a stadium is renovated or a new one is built, concessions are thrown to the rabble.  Jerry's world expanded some of it's luxuries to the cheap seats.  Washington's renovation brought seats closer to the field and 'fixed' their awkward track setup.  

The only concession USC seems to be willing to make for joe sixpack is the acknowledgement that "Hey... you guys are fatter now"

Everything they're doing is geared towards squeezing out more cash.  The luxury box is massive: It represents about 1/4th of the entire stadium.  Their 2nd biggest renovation is fixing their concessions.  And yes, slightly wider seats for you cheap fatsos.  

Meanwhile they steadfastly avoid fixing the one thing that really matters:  The terrible viewing angles.  The Coliseum has aroun 98,000 seats, 38k of which are good (and 20 of those are going away).  They steadfastly refuse to fix the field.  To lower it, shorten and deepen the bowl, and get a real football field out of it for once.  What's worse, the positioning of their massive luxury tower ensures that they can NEVER do this.  The field will forever be a mess.  The viewing angles forever terrible.  Even if, 15 years from now they become flush with cash and are ready to renovate again to finally fix the field the only options will be to destroy the peristyle, move the peristyle outside of the actual stadium, or have the luxury suites off center... none of which are tenable.  

It's a cash grab.  And yes it was always going to be a money grab, but this is one of the most cynical cash grabs I have ever seen with respect to stadiums... and I had a front row seat to what the Chargers just pulled in San Diego.  the outright disdain on display for the average fan is pretty eye popping.

But hey, enjoy your video board and the wifi that will never EVER work.

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