The myth of bringing seats closer to the field


I don't mean to pick on you, because I thought your summary was insightful, but I will never be convinced that you can renovate a stadium and bring MY seat closer to the field, unless you knock down the existing structure and build a new one with a smaller footprint (or move the field closer to one side of the stadium than the other, which makes no sense).  The Coliseum did this once before, in the 90s.  They lowered the field and added 14 rows of seats below the existing 79 rows.  Those seats were closer to the field than the old seats, sure.  But i wouldn't want to sit in the first 14 rows of any football stadium.


More to the point, lowering the field meant that ALL OF THE EXISTING SEATS were now farther from the field.  My seat in Row 56 became a seat in Row 70. 

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