I'm okay with my seats.


Even okay with wherever they will move me.  Just don't tell me, Mr. Swann, that the renovations will bring me closer to the field.

I'm with most posters here on the renovations.  The Tower is an eyesore, period.  If your purpose in going to a game is to see the game, you don't sit there.  But I understand the cash flow aspects of the suite thing.  As for the rest of the improvements, the only one I care about is the seats.  I don't think they will add leg room, as that would require major construction, but maybe the seats will be a tad wider than the old ones.  I don't give a damn about what they do or don't do to improve the restrooms or concession stands.  I go there to watch the game, not to have a bowl of nachos or a catered meal in the luxury suites.

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