if Notre Dame is serious.....

By: LagunaSC

about joining a conference then that conference should be the PAC-12.



i think the whole idea is ridiculous but if ND is going that direction then the Pac-12 needs to step up and make it happen.   whatever it takes.



ok so what would it take.  we could add random combination of teams that might off-set their travel times.   Kansas and Kansas State come to mind.   it doesn't matter, you just want to add ND and whatever 3 other teams can make that possible.

or maybe ND, Army, Navy & Air Force?   hmm?  

or how about we beg and plead to ND, while also inviting BYU, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State?    the possibilities are endless.


i don't care if it's Fresno & Air Force... if ND is serious about joining a conference then the Pac-12 needs to make that happen.  in fact, get rid of Ucla and the Arizona schools.   let's just do something like Washington, Oregon, Stanford, USC, Colorado.... Notre Dame.   yeah that'll work.  

you know, we could add Notre Dame, Army, Navy & BYU and it wouldn't cost us one dime of buyouts.   plus, the Pac-12 Network problems would be immediately solved.    



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