You mean with the current plan?

By: NYTrojan

They're keeping them.  It's where the band will continue to play.

And yes, I hate them too.  Really drives home the idea that this isn't a football stadium.  Oddly enough it felt far more normal playing in an olympic stadium with a track and a football field centered in the middle, than one with metal bleachers like that.  


The current setup is such a half-assed approach.  They didn't lower the field by nearly as much as necessary and as such the slope of the bottom row of seats is terrible.  


Remove the new (as of the 90s) 4th ring of seats, and vertical slope is much more natural.  


What they should have done all along is lower the field, but instead of adding a 4th terrible ring of seats, simply have a drop off to the field itself.  Then move the playing surface to one end of the stadium, while wrapping a properly sized football stadium around the other. 



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