Stanford's Bandbox is perfect for them

By: NYTrojan

but it's WAY too small for program like USC.  50k?  No way.  

I really like the Metlife Stadium parallel.  Great stadium, solid sight lines, good views from everywhere.  81k seats.  

For a college version, ever been to Kyle Field?  That place bends reality man.  It's as wide as the Coliseum, but almost 300 feet shorter.  That's a full football field shorter in length.  Seats over 100k.  Not a single bad angle in the joint either, but it does rely on bleachers pretty hard.  Goes vertical fast.  It's 75% the footprint of the coliseum and seats more people.  I bet that layout could do 85-90k if you replaced all the bleachers with real seats.  

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