Bigelow did have a brace...

By: bigballss

This is the last open practice. Safeties look good. Hawkins got a pick but beyond that him and Tell look very comfortable. Hawkins in particular was very vocal. Tell you what, Bolden and pola Mao, they have the right look. Big and fast, this was a no pads practice, but they look like they want to hit someone. Protypical SC safeties. Big and fast.  They need some time in the weight room but yeah.... Bolden was returning punts..abd showed off his speed a little. They did run a lot of nickel. Jamel cook was out there in biggies spot, he looks all of 6 '4. I don't recall ever seeing a corner that big. A lot of plays to the TE in the middle of the field. Falo is also big and showed some good hands. 

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