I told you there would be a soph slump.

By: San Clemente

and I told you why.  And it's not just the defense knows what to expect. USC's d knew what to expect after dealing with him as the scout quarterback and couldn't do jack shit to stop him.


Darold has now had a full off season of being coached up on  how to always throw to the primary receiver no matter what,  and to take the sack.  Looks like he's learned from this diaster of a coaching staff that  he actually can't make chicken soup out of chicken shit like he did all last year.  Poor kid. 


Any idea why he didn't throw 3 picks all last fall and tossed 3 yesterday.  ANY IDEA AT ALL RAH RAH? Didn't thinks so.  Stick to the 7 layer bean dip. 


THe only thing dumber that hiring a bootlick yes man that used to get 2 of Carroll's failed assistants coffee and donuts to be your head coach, is to let him hire his incompetent little brother from western middle kentucky state to coach your quarterback.  What could possibly go wrong? 


8 and 4.  sc 

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