I'm taking son to tcu and dropping off.

By: Java

Really Challenging week. The ex surprised everyone and got married a couple weeks back. Moving to Michigan. Abandoning our youngest. Who will be a senior. I'm with our first team all cif player son as we drive his new car to college. He had to clean his stuff out of my old house that mom lived in since she's bailing town and he will never see the house he grew up in again. Sucks. She's such a black widow. I assumed I'd be riding shotgun and came out today to find him in the passenger seat and he slept about the whole way. Today stopped briefly at London bridge. I sang the song. He about died. Tomorrow meteor crater. Probably get to about Amarillo tomorrow. Any suggestions for the trip? Will hit Fort Worth Tuesday night likely. I was going to run tomorrow but my gosh. Apparently they only believe in shoulder less roads w no sidewalks that people drive 60+ on. I may stick to the econo lodge treadmill. Oh and I played the eagles song. Of course ts on my phone. I have about 20 eagles songs. I play the song till the Winslow part and I'm giving him the hands outstretched eyes open open mouth smile like John belushi in animal house. He looks up from his phone and he's like We didn't really just come to this town for THAT did we? No son. We came so tomorrow we can backtrack 15 miles and see the world largest home In the ground caused by something flying in from space. Serious dad? Come on. Really? Muuuahahahahahaha
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