OJ didn't have a legit 9.3

By: Contrarian

i personally watched 3 of his track meets when he was at USC.  The rest were almost all televised live on channel 11. Track was a big deal back then..unlike now.

OJ was the 3rd best sprinter on that team behind Miller and Kuller, and Earl McColloch probably was a tad faster as well, although he concentrated on the 120HH, where he shared the world record.   Back in the day, the stop watches really only caught the first guy accurately and OJ was almost always the 3rd Trojan across the finish line in 100 yard dashes...and of course a hand-timed speeds are virtually always faster than electronic ones.  He normally finished his races in  the 9.5-9.7 races.

Still, i definitely agree with your point that OJ is faster, although Carr looks very fast in his highlight film.

He has the makings of a 1500-2000 yard back, if Helton gives him the carries to reach that level.


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