Oh. I do

By: Java

Especially for eliminating alimony. Yahoo. What is NOT cool is telling the kids about a week before it happens. What is NOT cool is marrying someone the boys hate. What is NOT cool is being a little secret wretch and AFTER getting married announcing you are moving to Michigan. And leaving your youngest son. Still a senior year to go. Behind. When talking to him he said stoicly. I'm fine. Mom made her choice. I made mine. Wow. What is NOT cool is abandoning the house. Taking half the stuff out. Leaving crap all over for someone else to clean up. Leaving the yard looking like a meth addict lived here. Not watering for months and leaving it to the weeds. Used to be he nicest little house and yard on block. Now miss meth addict (not really. Just saying) Abandons it. Her lawyer asks permission to sell but she's not going to hang around to show it. Mutual friend realtor who we've known since kids were tiny. Actually tcu sons peewee bb coach? I signed papers and sent him over. She refused to meet him and made excuses not to sign. The guy she's marrying declared chapter 7 bk a couple years back. Lives w his 94 year old mom in a 900 sf house in Taylor mich. dump house. Dump city. He's been divorced twice with domestic violence and restraining orders both times. He's 12 years older and fat. I'm laughing my butt off in terms of winning because she's going to wind up poor alone and probably beaten Which based on the way she treated her family and kid is exactly what she deserves. Why'd she pick him? Guy is smooth. Master manipulator and he attacks me and my Lawyer. That makes him a hero to her. Yes. I got married. My kids love my Wife. Wouldn't have happened if they didn't. I didn't move away. My wife has never attacked my ex. And I sure as hell would Never run out on my Kids
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