I don't see that

By: mandb

Even in Petersen's 1st class when Sark shut recruiting down in October when he knew he was getting the USC job, he signed a good and solid class and flipped a few commits (Budda Baker and Sydney Jones).

Now if you say Petersen struggled at BSU, well that makes sense as he signed only a scant few 4 star prospects his whole time there, but he is liking the 4 star prospects just fine at UW.

Now at a place like UW that isn't a USC, Alabama, Michigan, Texas, Ohio St, Oklahoma, etc, you are just not going to pull in th 5 star propsects unless thay are local, and the state of Wa doesn't produce may of those (but many players up here are under rated). Those players have to fit the system. UW is not the place where the 5 star "I only want the ball" type players will want to go.


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