re: ringers

By: Uzo

I agree with that sentiment as well.  As an alumna, I want my school to rise in the academic rankings.  On the flip side, I want national championships.  How does a school achieve both and not underserve the individual in the system?

I speak with many top athletes who dropped from university to JC to perpetually unemployed.  Did the system do them justice?  Do these dropouts devalue my school or degree?  

Also, fans need to realize that the “student/athlete” concept is different around the Power 5 conferences.   Can you say that Florida State's entrance requirements are comparable to those of Stanford, Cal, UCLA and USC?  

While the higher academic schools have their systems of silver bullets, the point remains:

How do schools provide a path to graduation when bringing in athletes from urban, poor performing school districts?  Do they pigeon-hole them all in the basket weaving majors or get a “tutor” to keep them eligible?

In this day of political intensity, it’s clear that many schools admit disadvantage students based on their demographics.  However, if one were to follow many of these kids from poorly performing school districts, I would not be shocked if many shake out for multiple reasons.  

I see no shame in a General Education degree if it means that the kid actually learned something…

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