I think it's common sense.

By: Waldorf

First of all, no one is pretending that UCLA football players are even close to the level of academic skill of incoming freshmen, and the same can be said for the rest of the conference.

But when it comes to accepting football players into a program, the disparity between the athletes academic prowess and that of the student body is probably greater at UCLA, USC, Stanford, and Kal than it is in the rest of the conference.  ASU is super easy to get into, so maybe the incoming athlete is more on par with his college peers over there. Perhaps the same with other Pac 12 conference universities as well, although I doubt if Washington would be included. 

So, if you're suggesting that Alabama wouldn't drop that far in football if they raised the academic bar for incoming athletes, maybe you're right insofar as the bar isn't all that high anyway. But I have a hard time believing many of their recruits can get a 27 ACT and a 3.6 GPA in high school, and that's common sense. 

To suggest that the SEC academic standards are the same for football players as the Pac 12 is pure nonsense. With the exception of Vanderbilt, there isn't a single university in that conference that compares with the top half of the Pac 12, notably Stanford, Kal, UCLA, USC, Washington, and perhaps Colorado. The tougher the conference is academically, the more important it is to keep up appearances. Do you honestly think that there isn't a difference in the level of "student-athlete" at Mississippi, Alabama, Mississippi State, LSU, Arkansas, etc. than there is in the Pac 12 -- even the lower half?

If so....just WOW. 

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