We were not talking about the select

By: Old Hickory Trojan

few but the overll conferences but since you mentioned UW the avg ACT is 22, GPA 3.78 and SAT 1300....looks no better then Bama to me....Vanderbilt ...acceptance rate 12%, 3.8 unweighted GPA, new SAT avg 1530, ACT avg 34....looks pretty damn tough to me....UGA acceptance 53%, ACT avg 29, SAT new avg 1330, 3.9 avg GPA, UF new SAT avg 1330, GPA 3.71, admissions 48%, Colorado new SAT 1250, GPA avg 3.62, admissions 80%, Stanford avg new SAT 1520, GPA 3.95, acceptance rate 5%. Cal....3.87 GPA, acceptance 15%, SAT new avg 1440....

Overall your take on academics in the SEC shows a bit of bias when you look at the minimu acceptance criteria among the schools I listed and no LSU, ASU, Arizona. were included as I really didn't see the need...the numbers I provided don't show the SEC as a bunch of lower level academic schools from the PAC...IMHO




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