First of all...

By: Waldorf is "ridiculous", not "rediculous."

The Clearinghouse is not the only qualifier for admission. It certainly isn't for UCLA and Stanford, and I'm almost certain it isn't for USC -- you tell me. I'm not suggesting that UCLA is on par with Stanford when it comes to academics and/or admissions for athletes, just that the NCAA Clearinghouse is clearly not the determining factor.

Whether or not Alabama requires more than the Clearninghouse, I have no idea. I doubt it. I'm willing to speculate because it's common sense. I honestly believe that the requirements for SEC student-athletes is lower than probably any other conference, generally speaking. I base this on the level of play; the SEC has the best football players, overall, and the best football players -- particularly black athletes -- are typically the most challenged academically. This is due, in large part, to environment, not IQ level. The SEC gets most of their kids from the Southeast, where secondary education is the worst in the nation. Do the math, this ain't rocket science.

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