Try this

By: Old Hickory Trojan

He pops off even after being warned by his head coach to keep his trap shut. as a few examples............ he goes public with trying to start a union at UCLA to get the players paid.....he goes to a Trump golf course during the election with a "F..k Trump" baseball cap and gets pictures taken, .....he pops off at the elite 11 camp that trent Dilfer says he's uncoachable,......he pops off about Bama athletes without knowing shet....he pops off about hi teamates and their unqualified to be at UCLA, ........he pops off about the quality of the doctors at UCLA after his injury...and his old man follows up with soe scathing remarks about how they didn't take care of his kid....this has been going on since the kid was in High school...nothing has changed and it appears eve after his coach warned him about the kind of reputation he's develoing and how it could impact his draft status ....he continues....

The kif is not dumb...he lacks restraint and maturity and obviously doesn't listen too well so I would imagine right wrong or different some NFL teams will wonder about his wilingness to be coached and keep certain opinions to fact a couple of articles have gone so far as quoting a few teams cocnerns


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